Being Nervous!!

Right now I’m dealing with being NERVOUS! I have to do something tomorrow that i really don’t want to do, but i know if i do it, i will be proud of myself and it will build my confidence. I decided to write down ways you can deal with being NERVOUS and it not only helps me by doing these techniques, but just writing them down helps me also. So here are some ideas…

Go over it in your head

>Whatever your nervous about, think about the situation and picture yourself there.

>Think of what your going to do and you meeting your goals whatever your goal might be.

>Picture your situation going the way you want it to.


>Take slow deep breaths and keep calm.

>Try to keep your breathing at a stable pace.

>If you have a hard time with catching your breath then there are things you can do! One thing that help me is to go on the computer and look up “breathing clock” (make sure its a video) and some vidoes will tell you what to do and how to use them, or you can just look at a regualr clock and count 4 sec. (Deep breath in) 4 sec. (deep breath out).


>Go for a jog, swim, or even yoga will defiantly calm your nerves.

*Honestly, sometimes exercise might work for you or it might not! While your jogging it might make you think about it more or it could take your mind off of whatever your nervous about. Different for different people.


>Make sure to get the right amount of sleep.

>Try to make yourself sleep and not just lye there thinking of whats to come. Save that moment until that moment comes.

>Not only go to bed on time, but wake up at the right time also. DONT SLEEP ALL DAY BECAUSE YOU’RE NERVOUS!! That won’t help!!

Live in the Moment

>If you can’t do anything about what your nervous about right now then don’t think of it.

>Whenever you start to think about it, someway get it out of your head. Live in the moment!!

I wrote this to help me but i hope it helps someone else too because being nervous is healthy for you. It can overall build your confidence and make you stronger. (“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”) And please do all these steps because being nervous is natural but you can do things to cope until the event happens!

Thanks ❤

Remember its a bad day, not a bad life



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