Having a great Summer?

Well its been a while since i talked and said whats going on! Mostly i have just been posting quotes every week. Why do i post all these quotes. I don’t know i just think there are all these little sayings that are cool to hear and look at and by posting one every week i can keep discovering more. Some aren’t always positive but sometimes not all days are positive (If that make sense) Somedays are lazy or could be sad but other days can be exciting and happy and thats a reason i like posting happy and sad quotes or sayings. So thats the reason for the quotes. But an update on me. Nothing really exciting has been happening. I am going camping very soon and I’m really excited. I did get a new tent that fits 10 people so it very big and tall which i like so you can stand up and not have to bend over. I’m going with a few other people so should be fun and relaxing before school and work starts up again! Thats about it, and i hope everyone else is having a great summer!

Remember, its a bad day, NOT a bad life

-Liza ❤


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