Quote #2

“Expectation is the root of all heartache”

How sad…. but true!


Whats up?

Hey, since my first post, i said that i was going to kinda write about me and do little updates on whats going on in my life. I know this may be boring to people and to other people this may be interesting. But it doesn’t matter cause I’m going to do it anyway. Right now its summer. I haven’t put to much thought in what i was going to do, but now I’m thinking i should have. I have been really bored and getting up in the morning super late! The only exciting things I’m looking forward to are, on July 11th I’m going to the Pan Am games!!! Im also going on a mini vacation for two nights and camping for a week. Thats about it. But what happened this week wasn’t so bad. Nothing really exciting happened but I’m getting excited for vacation!

I know this post wasn’t so interesting but keep reading cause i promise my life might get more interesting soon.

This post was a life update, but i also like to post quotes once a week and give some advice!

Don’t worry, it might be a BAD DAY, but not a BAD LIFE

-Liza ❤


Im know I’m the only one who gets stressed!! Everyone is stressed most of the time, and this can be over little things or big things but honesty it doesn’t matter! All I hear is how stressed people are these days over Twitter or any social media and I think people should figure out what is causing this and fix it. Stress could lead to depression, axiety and can just put you in a bad, lazy mood. We all need to do things to minus the stress we have in our lives!

Here are some ways that can help you when your stressed…

>Start a stress journal

.write down what your stressed about

.how you feel physically and emotionally

.ideas on how you can feel better

>Physical activity

.Put on some music and dance even in your bedroom, just dance it out

.Go for a run or a walk(with a dog or not) just take a little you time

.or just plain excercising, do what you want as long as your active


.Do something you love to do (cook, swim,run) just get in your happy place

.If you don’t have a hoobie, find one, or learn something new(sewing, scrapbooking)

Just remeber don’t just look at stress as a temporary thing, it might get worse if you don’t do something about it, so try one of my suggestions, even if you don’t feel like it. And always remeber talking to a friend, family member or someone you trust is good too, just talking can make you feel so much better!!

I hope I helped you out and please let me know if you want advice on anything, I can definatly try to help

Remember it may be a BAD DAY, but not a BAD LIFE!!!



Hey this is my first post and this is where i’ll tell you about my life. If you want keep reading but if not thats alright. Im not sure what to say right now but ill update you soon;)

Remember, its a BAD DAY, not a BAD LIFE!!(HATERS<GOODBYE;p)